Lunasoft was founded in 2000 with a goal to provide customized, creative and high quality software solutions.

Why Lunasoft?

Versatility. Our many fields of personal interest (both inside and outside the world of IT) and experience make us possible to adapt to many different tasks, needs, situations.

Accuracy. It's our common goal to get down to the details as deep as possible, both in the design and in the production phase of the project. Perhaps less fun during the development, but the result's worth it.

Speed. If it's important to you, and if it's possible (see Honesty), it will be done as soon as possible.

Honesty. Some call it suicide, some call it amateurism. We call it honesty. If it can't be done or we can't do it the way our client expects us to do, we'll tell that immediately. We believe this is not just right but may be even useful in the long run.

Small business. Don't think we're lacking ambition. We just don't want to reduce our clients to phone numbers and schedule entries. Some may say in business there's no friendship. However, we believe in friendly approach. Most of our long-term partners have become our friends. Be our guest.

Why Hungary?

We understand that good cuisine and beautiful women may not be enough for you to choose Hungary when it comes to business. How about lower costs and great professionals? If you are from the other side of the world, you may enjoy that your tasks may be completed overnight, thanks to the timezones.

Why Flash?

We believe in the power of visualization. Macromedia Flash gives us a simple yet professional tool to create great visual experience. Combined with the programming tools, it's undoubtedly our favourite way to create content. We love turning clients from "Is it really neccessary?" to "Wow! I didn't think this was possible!" Even if something can be done without Flash (which is rarely the case), Flash is more fun!
Now there's Flash Lite, Macromedia's new product for mobile devices. Being one of the first developers in the region for this platform, we're looking forward to create some great content for mobile.

Marcell Lelkes